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The Chicken Run Studio

The New House

Tanners Lane



OX29 4HJ


0745 2956 559


One off experience  for 2 -3 adults


In total the session will take approximately 3 hours.  However it may over run  as I would want to ensure you have time to make your pieces and have a break as you need to reflect and be refreshed.


You will be able to experience the wheel and may wish to stay with this throughout the session.  I will be working alongside you and thus will be able to support and advise on technique.                                   

You may wish to make something handbuilt and use the following techniques:-            - slab building.                                                                                                                              - pinchpot to form the basis of a pot or character.                                                   - impressing the clay ( e.g with leaves/shells to make  a piece that has texture).                    - coiling.                                                                                                                                       or a combination of the above.   

                                                                                                                                                         Come with ideas or use my work as an inspiration.                                


 In the time you may make 2 or 3 pieces. These I will bisque fire for you and then glaze and have them ready for collection within 2 weeks.

  • Clay, Tools, equipment, glazes and firing included.

  • Cost:- from £40 per person 

  • Refreshments provided. 

Children's Pottery Tuition

One off experience for 1,2,3 children accompanied by an adult

In total the session will take 2 hours.  In that time it would be expected that the children will make 2 or 3 pieces  using  hand built techniques.  I would like the children to enjoy the experience of working with clay  and understand the techniques that will enable them to join securely  and ensure their work doesn't dry out before they have finished. 

Techniques may include:-

  • slab building

  • pinch pot to form the basis of a pot or character

  • impressing the clay with leaves or shells for texture

  • coiling


It is helpful to let me know in advance if the children wish to make something specific so  that I can plan ahead to enhance the experience. 

 Though I do have many ideas as well to excite and challenge.

Refreshments provided


Tools, clay, glazing and firing included

The accompanying adult will  pay only if they wish to make alongside the children.  

Cost per child/adult £25


Raku Pottery Experience


This is a two session experience for 1,2,3 adults



First session you will be making 2 or 3 pieces of Raku either on the wheel  or hand thrown or both and learning about the process.  This will take 2 hours.


Then you will return after your pieces have been bisque fired to glaze them and fire them in the Raku kiln.  You will be as actively involved in this process as you want to be.  This part of the  process will take  2-3 hours.   

All tools, clay and glazes will be provided.  Raku will include safety equipment. 

Cost £60   per person 


Regular Pottery Tuition  for 1 or 2 adults


For those who want ongoing tuition.  2 hours  weekly for one or two students at a time.  For beginners and the more experienced potter. 


A two hour session each visit will provide you with time to practice techniques and develop skills.  It is usual for  students to come weekly so that skills can be reinforced and all stages  are followed up to completion.   From time to time you may want to call in for additional time to turn a pot or glaze to ensure you catch a kiln firing.  Additional costing per hour used.

Tools, equipment, clay and glazes are included.  

Each session is bespoke and led by your needs and may include:-

  • Hand building techniques including pinch, coil, slab, impressing                                                           

  • wheel thrown pottery techniques including wedging, centring, throwing, turning, glazing and firing   

  • One on one support and guidance                                                                                                            

  • You will be involved at each stage with the work you produce.

Cost :- from £15 per hour