Textures, Coils and Dots

I love the feel of clay between my fingertips as I hand-form coils and dots to create pleasing natural patterns. They grow slowly, and take form as platters, bowls and other miscellaneous items. Leaves and seeds add wonderful texture, too, either on their own or in combination with coils and dots. The possible combinations of textures are endless! Sometimes, I combine wheel-thrown and hand-formed work. The size of my kiln is perhaps my only limitation.

The kiln brings the pieces to life. I often glaze the 'flat' side of the pieces and leave the hand-coiled side unglazed, to show off the intricacy of the patterns. I love to make functional as well as beautiful ceramics with my hands. 

A number of the pieces below have been sold. However, I would be pleased to make any of them again or create something unique just for you. Please just ask!