Wytham Wood's Run Medallions

Updated: May 11, 2020

I was invited by the Wytham Woods Run team to make medallions for their 450 runners and 40 first place winners for each category in 2019

In the above picture you can see me applying the glaze into the stamped words of the first place winner medalions.

My production line of medalions

Being asked to produce the medals for the Wytham Woods 10 K and Fun Run, was a real joy and honour. I am happy that they choose Chicken Run Studios to create a medal that was organic and local.

Each medal is effectively unique. Handled numerous times, from the raw clay roll, stamp pressed, dried and wiped, bisque fired then brush painted with two glazes and fired to stoneware temperatures. Fortunately, I was able to use the skills of Nick my son to 3D Print the stamps. Making the process less daunting.

Acquiring a slab roller meant I could roll out the clay and stamp each individual medal. Using a dusting of flour after each press meant the clay didn't stick to the 'cookie cutters'.

After piercing a hole for the ties and stamping my Chicken Run stamp on the reverse each medal went in the kiln for a first firing.

Each medal was then glazed in Siemens and Healthineers colours (The local sponsors). Then back into the kiln for their final firing.

What a challenge, but they do look amazing and you can't get more individual and handmade than this.

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