Eynsham County Primary School Superstar Medals

Updated: Mar 13

I was delighted when asked to make medals for the local Eynsham Primary School. The school wanted to award medals to their hardworking and inspiring pupils. Based on the school logo, the medals were designed by a parent.

Tapping into Nick Holmans' 3D printing skills, impression stamps were made. Making the medals was quite a process - Rolling the clay.

- Impressing the stamp.

- Cutting out the stamp with a round cutter.

- Piercing a hole for the necklace.

- Stamping the Chicken Run logo on the back.

- Wiping down the edge on the dried medal.

- Bisque firing at 950 degrees Celsius for 12 hours.

- Painting the glaze in the lettering and between the clasped hands.

- Glaze firing for 24 hours.

- Ready to thread the neck string!

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