Functional Ware

All functional ware is fired to stoneware temperatures of 1230-1240 degrees C. This means that the ceramics turn to stone and can, therefore, withstand oven temperatures and extreme cold.

Treat your functional ware as you would any other crockery you have. Don't hold it over direct heat or plunge it from hot water into cold water, and don't let it boil dry. It is fine to wash your functional ware in the dishwasher. It is also completely oven proof. However, do not use a microwave because some types of clay and glazes contain metallic oxides - meaning they are not microwave safe.

Note: All the photos in the Gallery are of pottery items I have made. Many of them have already been sold. However, I may have some favourite pieces left in stock - and I will make them again, too. I also take commissions, so I can make items to your design and with your choice of glaze. I enjoy a challenge and I like to make individual pieces that are beautiful and also functional in everyday life.