Welcome to the Chicken Run Studio

In the quiet surroundings of the Chicken Run, with the chickens for company and the ever-present birdsong, you will find my pottery studio. It makes a wonderful hideaway to make and create. Inside the studio, I have my electric kiln for my stoneware pottery; outside, I have a gas kiln for my Raku work. The Chicken Run Studio really is my favourite place!

I make an eclectic mix of stoneware pottery, both wheel-thrown and hand-built. Fired to 1235 degrees C, this produces work that can withstand the heat and cold, both indoors and outdoors, and maintains its glaze colour in the dishwasher. The durability and glaze options of stoneware make it highly practical and appealing. Whilst I enjoy making ceramics that are purely creative and aesthetic, I am even more excited about producing aesthetic pottery that is also functional. 


The tactile nature of creating with clay is pure joy! Ideas come,
and I so enjoy planning these and t
urning them into reality ... And then there is the anticipation of opening the kiln to reveal the completed ceramics, which always has an element of surprise. Creating is the art. The properties of clay, heat and glaze influence that art. 


The essence of pottery is clay. I was delighted when I discovered that I could dig local clay and, after cleaning the tiny stones from it, transform it into a very malleable clay that is just perfect for Raku. Everything about Raku is so organic: 

  • the iron-rich clay;

  • the instantaneous firing;

  • the glaze fluxing;

  • the changes under reduction in oxygen-starved sawdust bins;

  • the heat;

  • the smoke;

  • the smells;

  • the blackening;

  • the glowing ceramics;

  • the molten glazes;

  • the toffee-like strings of glaze;

  • the crackles in the glaze;

  • the metallic colours.

As much as I love creating stoneware and Raku for myself and to sell, I also find that running workshops has allowed me to share my enjoyment and enable others to create, too. 


As you browse my website, I do hope you enjoy my creations. 


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I am taking part in Oxfordshire Artweeks in May 2022

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Artweeks number 360 / Pottery, Ceramics

Open: 21–23 & 26–29 May / 11am–6pm

I will be exhibiting along with Peter Shrimpton, Artweeks number 361, at
The Chicken Run Studio, Tanners Lane, Eynsham OX29 4HJ

Visit the Artweeks Festival Guide and Artist Directory at www.artweeks.org

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The Eynsham Art Window will be showcasing local Artweeks artists from 15 May. Check it out to get a glimpse of some their work and to entice you to visit their exhibitions.

There will be daily posts of the artists' work @eynshamartwindow and www.facebook.com/eynshamartwindow

Oxfordshire Artweeks is a time when hundreds of artists, makers and designers open their studios or have pop-up exhibition events for the public. It is the first and longest-running county-wide Artweeks in the UK, and all the work exhibited is local, handmade and unique. This year, it runs from 7–29 May but, in our area (North and West Oxfordshire), the dates are 21–29 May.

People love Artweeks, as they can get to talk to the artists, often seeing their working studio and the full range of their work, most of which will be available for sale or for commission. You are sure to find something unique for yourself or a friend! But Artweeks is interesting for the simply curious, too, with beautiful works of art in lovely venues.

Artists also love Artweeks, because they get to meet the public, and to talk about their materials, methods and inspiration. It is also encouraging and inspiring to find out what people think of their work.

Click on the Flipbook below for an introduction to my Artweeks exhibition.