Welcome to the Chicken Run Studio

In the Chicken Run you will find my studio.

With quiet surroundings and the chickens for company.  Birdsong is ever present  which makes a wonderful hideaway to make and create.



Inside I have my electric kiln for bisque & Stoneware

I make an eclectic mix of stoneware pottery, both wheel-thrown and hand-built. Fired to 1230 C this  produces work that can withstand the heat and cold both inside and outside. The durability and glaze options that stoneware gives makes it practical and appealing.


The rest is imagination. There is no limit. 

Outside I have a gas kiln for Raku

The essence of pottery is clay. When I found I could dig the local clay and after cleaning it of stones its purity made for a very malleable clay. Perfect for Raku.  Everything about Raku is organic : 

the clay;  

the  instantaneous firing ;

the glaze fluxing;

the changes under reduction in Oxygen-free sawdust bins

the heat, smoke, smell ,air and water

The tactile nature of the process throughout and with the final product is what makes pottery such fun!

Running workshops has allowed me to share my enjoyment. . 

Hope you enjoy my site.



I am taking part in Oxfordshire Artweeks May 2022

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Here is a taster of my exhibition in May

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